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  1. Does “Sleepy Tea” Actually Help You Get to Sleep?

    You’ve seen the soothing and reassuring boxes of herbal tea on the shelves of your local grocery store that call to you when you’re having trouble sleeping – they say “Just drink this and you’ll drift off to Dream Land” with their cute little pajama-clad bears or alluringly steaming mugs of drowsiness. But do they really deliver on their promises?...

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  2. The Hidden Benefits of Toddlers Ditching Naptime

    Many parents live for the peace and quiet that comes along with their little one going down for a nap, and the thought of losing that small slice of golden silence during the day can cause some serious concern for what the future might hold. But what if you were to learn that there are some actual benefits to your...

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  3. How to Calculate Your Ideal Bed Time

    As an adult, you may not have someone telling you when to go to bed, but according to sleep experts and health professionals, you might need someone to hold you accountable to a bedtime. Getting a good night’s rest has been shown to have serious health benefits, and it’s not just the quality of your sleep that matters – it’s...

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