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  1. Paying retail is like burning money

    3 Ways YOU CAN GET SCREWED Buying a Retail Mattress

    Millions of Americans are fed up with ridiculous mattress prices and are turning to online mattress company, Lull, to get a good night’s rest without breaking the bank (or a sweat). In a perfect world, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream would help you lose weight, cars would fly, and a mattress wouldn’t cost you almost two month’s salary. Keep...

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  2. Buy Mattress Online

    Reasons to Buy Your Next Mattress Online

    For years, the mattress shopping experience has largely consisted of the same painful routine. You head out to a big-box furniture store and spend hours of your precious weekend time trolling the aisles looking for just the right mattress. There is the ever-present sales guy breathing down your neck, screaming kids running past, and the thought in the back of your...

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