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  1. Mattress Matchup: Traditional vs. Foam

    When deciding on a new mattress, knowing the facts about 2 of the mainly available mattress types is essential in helping you to choose the right mattress and get that amazing night’s sleep that you’ve been dreaming about. In the world of mattress comparison, there are two heavy hitters: the traditional innerspring mattress and the newer memory foam mattress. When picking...

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  2. Paying retail is like burning money

    3 Ways YOU CAN GET SCREWED Buying a Retail Mattress

    Millions of Americans are fed up with ridiculous mattress prices and are turning to online mattress company, Lull, to get a good night’s rest without breaking the bank (or a sweat). In a perfect world, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream would help you lose weight, cars would fly, and a mattress wouldn’t cost you almost two month’s salary. Keep...

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